Artist Boat

Coastal Heritage Preserve Youth Kayak Adventures

Artist Boat is establishing the Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island. The Coastal Heritage Preserve project is envisioned as a conservation area of approximately 364 acres of land on West Galveston Island adjacent to West Bay.

This destination occurs at the natural and restored marshes protecting one of the most pristine examples of a dune/swale complex on Galveston Island. Our grant to acquire this land at the new Coastal Heritage Preserve is providing the financial resources to launch three years of educational programming from this special place. Join us to discover the wonders of the dune/swale complex and wetlands and to celebrate nature while envisioning our future home. Artist Boat is looking for individuals and school groups to help us with the educational programming aspects of our grant.

School Groups Wanted!

Any teacher that schedules an Eco-Art Workshop will be able to have an Eco-Art Kayak Adventure to the Coastal Heritage Preserve. Space is limited to only one kayak adventure per day at the Coastal Heritage Preserve. Please plan on booking this well in advance to ensure you get the dates you want for the two-hour Eco-Art Workshop in your classroom and the four-hour Eco-Art Kayak Adventure. School groups can register for trips at drastically reduced rates to the Coastal Heritage Preserve by contacting Amanda Rinehart at or (409)770-0722.

Artist Boat is excited to be able to offer this unique opportunity to school groups. We hope to see you on the water!