Artist Boat

Eco-Art Residency Program

Educate communities about native flora/fauna and natural processes, while delighting the eyes! Eco-Art Residencies are delivered to students through after-school programs, summer programs, or during the school year. Each Residency results in a work of art that combines the knowledge learned from the artist and scientist in residence. Residencies have culminated in the creation of murals, mosaics, and metal sculptures that have become permanent installations on campuses throughout the area. Each Residency includes a minimum of four sessions, each lasting three hours.

Recently, the Southeast Development Laboratory has distinguished Artist Boat, along with two other organizations, as the best practice in after-school education. Click Here to watch a video depicting Artist Boat's involvement with students from Morales Elementary as they learned about the Texas Coastal Butterflies, including their habitat and plant food sources, to create a piece of public art--a clay butterfly mosaic representing the various stages of the butterflies' life cycles (adult, pupa, larvae, and eggs) and the food plants they utilize.