Artist Boat

Support Artist Boat by simply searching & shopping online! is a FREE search engine powered by Yahoo! that donates 50-percent of the revenue it receives from advertisers to various nonprofits, charities and schools. You can even designate which organization you wish to support!

To further support your cause, you can also use the GoodShop mall, a branch of GoodSearch, to buy products online such as clothes, movies, games, and so much more! GoodShop can even be used to rent movies and purchase songs from itunes! Each purchase you make through GoodShop results in an average donation of approximately 3%, or sometimes up to 20%, of the sale to your designated organization, or charity.

GoodSearch estimates that each web search generates approximately $0.01 for your designated organization, however this does not include image, video, and site-specific searches. Nonetheless, this could very quickly add up!

Get Started Now! To choose Artist Boat as your designated organization to receive donations, simply go to Under the gray “What do you GoodSearch For?” box, you can type in Artist Boat and click “Verify.” It’s as simple as that! The same can be done at!