Artist Boat

"Value Totems"

Artist Boat’s Eco-Art Program Coordinator, Lisa Reznicek, and Eco-Art Educator, Ross W. Studlar, conducted an after school Eco-Art Residency, Value Totems, with Harvard Elementary School from Fall of 2007 through Spring of 2008.

Students met after school to participate in lessons combining art and science to create a 140 square foot public mosaic which was installed inside the SPARK recreational area behind Harvard Elementary in the spring of 2009. The installation also includes several metal pieces that identify the park.

spark sign

The after school lessons focused on character traits exemplified by Harvard students such as respect, honesty, and teamwork. To bring these traits to life, each student chose an animal that they thought best represented one of those qualities. After carefully drawing the animal, the students then rendered their drawing into a three-dimensional piece of clay, which was painted and fired. Students were thus able to explore clay, painting glaze, drawing, developing a critical eye, animal biology and ecology.

lisa with kids

Eco-Art Educator Lisa Reznicek leading a lesson with the students.

kids with clay

Students constructing their clay pieces.

girl with clay
fired pieces

An example of student's clay artwork.

lisa with mosaic

Eco-Art Educator Lisa Reznicek posing with the finished mosaic.

students with mosaic

Harvard students admiring the finished mosaic.

the finished product