Artist Boat

"How Scientists Explore the Ocean Through Technology"

Artist Boat Eco-Art Educator, Aliece Die, assisted Hogg Middle School art students during the fall, 2007 semester with drawing and painting a mural depicting various ways scientists explore and study the ocean, as seen below. After researching the ends and outs of oceanography and the technology that helps scientists, the students then created drawings that were blown up to size and painted on nine 3x4 foot boards that collectively created the 9x10 foot mosaic. The mural took a five step layering process of painting, and can now be viewed as a narrative.

Hogg Mural

Photo taken by Misha Burkett.

The Artist Boat helped the students combine oceanography and art in order to portray the importance of the Galveston Bay Estuary and the Gulf of Mexico to students of all ages. Hogg Middle School agrees with The Artist Boat's mission and is already working on another project: a 10x18 foot mosaic emphasizing Texas’s very own coral reef, “The Flower Garden Banks of the Gulf of Mexico.” This new mural will be mounted on the gym wall by next fall. Artist Boat would like to congratulate all Hogg Students on their wonderful work!

hogg students hogg art display

Left: Eco-Art Educator, Aliece Die, with Hogg Middle School Art Students. Right: Hogg Middle School art display for the Fine Arts HISD EXPO.