Artist Boat

Artist Boat congratulates Nicole Owen, a 7th grader at Hogg Middle School, on 2nd place at The 2008 Heights Youth Art Show! Honorable Mention went to Tanya Costilla and Rosari Carr. All these Ladies are taking home valuable supplies from Texas Art Supply!

Nicole also placed 2nd at the nationwide Coastal America Ocean Art Contest, which is sponsored by Coastal America, a partner of NOAA, through their Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center! The purpose of this contest was to enhance public awareness of the importance of the ocean through visual expression and incorporation of one of the principles of ocean literacy.

Nicole's artwork, the Majestic Coral Reef, is a diptic, meaning it consists of two side by side pictures of sunset and sunrise in the ocean. It was done in pencil and color pencil, and shows all of the Oceanography Essential Principal focusing on the ocean's great diversity.

hogg students hogg art display

Nicole also submitted the following description of her pictures:

"Majestic Coral Reef" --By Nicole Owen

"The cerulean blue waves lap at the shore, their crests of foam sinking into the golden sand. But the water isn’t the only beautiful sight here, there is something skillfully concealed- coral.

Bright colors flash by to hide. Everything is peaceful.

The reef bestows a bountiful ecosystem that captivates the world. This world under the blue greatly benefits people, for one by providing a place for rare fish to live. To swim amongst and gaze at the vibrant, exotic fish that make their home in the reef is like looking at a big city full of people. It is a constant circle of life, the coral reef.

If we love the natural world, how likely is it that we will destroy? If no one stops the contamination, what will happen?

The majestic coral reef inspires me, and my admiration for the mysterious blue sea grows with study. We must tell the world."