Artist Boat

Eco-Art Residency at KIPP Coastal Village

Summer 2010

KIPP kindergarten and first grade students get hands-on with Ocean Literacy daily through science and art classes with full-time Eco-Art Educator and in-school resident Devin Taylor.

Along with learning about ocean zones and marine and coastal ecosystems through games, drawing, painting, papier-mâché and sculpture, these young students are contributing to their community in the form of public art. Twelve benches with tiles designed by the students will be installed on the Seawall in the summer of 2010.

Themes for the bench designs range from Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtles (including the endangered Kemp's ridley, hawksbill and leatherback turtles, and threatened loggerheads and green turtles), to Flower Garden Banks, to zones of the ocean and marine mammals.

These functional public works will not only beautify a heavily trafficked part of Galveston, but provide an opportunity for visitors to reflect on the significance of these creatures and habitats as they encounter the art and sit to gaze out upon the Gulf of Mexico. Students can take away a sense of ownership and stewardship from sharing their artistic expressions and ecological knowledge with their community.

These public works were made possible by partnerships with KIPP and Artist Boat and funding from NRG and Reliant Energy. Please bookmark this page (pictures are coming soon) so you can view the students’ works-in-progress and stay tuned for updates!