Artist Boat

Land, Sea, Sky -- Galveston Bay

Fall of 2009 (Installlation Spring 2010)

   This creative project, led by Artist Boat Eco-Art Coordinator, Lisa Reznicek, allows students to explore, develop, and finish clay relief pieces depicting local plants and animals of the Galveston Bay.  The colorful and three-dimensional clay pieces will be installed onto an entry column of the Renaissance Park outside the school building.  During this residency, students have learned about the Galveston Bay ecosystem through the focuses of science art.

Right: Lisa Reznicek installs the mosaic (top) and columns are coming together beautifully (bottom)! Not only will this project be a beautiful addition to the school, but will hopefully educate the public that visits, and remain a manifestation of the stewardship that the student artists have for their school, their work and their environment.


Completed! April 2010

After seemingly endless hours in the studio and installing the mosaic from ladders, the journey from the students' hands to the fully-installed public work for all visitors to enjoy is complete! Please view the celebration announcement of the Artist Boat/ Matthys/ Spark Park project on Harris County Community Service Department's website here.

Update: December 1, 2009

     The wonderful Matthys Elementary columns are in development, with the classes now working hard on glaze-painting the finished clay pieces. Each student has created animal clay figures from their own drawings to illustrate animals found in and around the Galveston Bay area.  We've been learning about Galveston Bay's many ecosystems, from oyster reefs and sea grass beds, to coastal prairies and piney woodlands. In addition to science, our classes have been practicing complex drawing, sculpting, and painting techniques to build a portfolio of work and continue the beautification of the school grounds and community of South Houston.

    Each ecosystem will be represented on the two large column mosaics through the hand-built animal pieces. Our classes will come to an end this December, but the fabrication and installation will begin soon. Our goal is to have these large public art pieces totally completed by mid-February, and to invite the community to a celebration commemorating the experience and production.

Below: Students work on their drawings and clay pieces for the mosaic.