Artist Boat

"Migrations on our Coast -- Butterfly Migration Mosaic"

Artist Boat Eco-Art Program Coordinator, Lisa Reznicek, led an after-school residency program at the MD Anderson YMCA during the fall of 2006. This program allowed students to follow the life cycle of painted lady butterflies in a butterfly growing house and monarch butterflies that utilize the YMCA’s natural on-site playscape. They were then engaged in a series of 13 science lessons to fully study butterflies as entomologists would, and 13 art lessons to work as naturalists.

Students then used their knowledge of butterflies, life cycles, migration patterns, and floral preferences to create hand built clay pieces illustrating the life history of butterflies on the Texas coast. Accompanying pieces were built by the Artist Boat to illustrate the life history of the butterflies. All of these pieces were then installed in a 5-foot by 9-foot mosaic built by the Artist Boat. The finished mosaic was presented to the City of Houston for installation at the Lake Houston Education Center, located north east of downtown Houston. The project was funded through the United Way Kids Way Grant, and partially funded by the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

YMCA Mosaic

MD Anderson YMCA Residency Butterfly Mosaic.

tile descriptions

Tiles explaining the importance of the mosaic.

hogg art display

Tiles depicting the life cycle of the butterfly.