Artist Boat

Project S.I.T.

Artist Boat's Seawall Interpretive Trail (Project S.I.T.) public art residency program is a beautification project approved by Galveston County to transform 63 Galveston Seawall benches into educational works of art that depict the coastal and ocean heritage of Galveston Island and the Gulf of Mexico.

Through Artist Boat's Eco-Art Residency Program at KIPP Coastal Village and the Satori School, students learned the principles of ocean literacy and Gulf of Mexico ecosystems and then created hand-painted ceramic tiles related to these themes on 12 benches. Participating schools created and students received two to four hours of in-school instruction per week through the school year.

For more details, you can download our Project SIT Brochure.

Bench Sponsorship

Artist Boat is currently accepting sponsors interested in public art and ocean literacy to support the transformation of the remaining Galveston Seawall benches.

Once a bench theme has a sponsor, a group of four sponsors, or a school sponsor, Artist Boat will create an Eco-Art Residency or call for images by local professional artists. Selected artwork will include hand-painted tiles depicting the bench theme. A professional tile company will install all artwork and the required skate stoppers. You can check out the benches we have done so far here.

Project SIT Bench Sponsors will be acknowledged with a 3" x 4" brass plate installed on the bench. All bench themes must be selected from the Project SIT-approved list. Commercial, political, for-profit, non-profit or other advertising is prohibited.

Anyone interested in becoming a Project SIT sponsor must complete the Project SIT Application on our Project SIT Brochure