Artist Boat

The Secrets of Sharks – A Thomas E. Edison Middle School Residency 

Fall 2009

This five-day residency focused on interactive teachings about shark biology and endangerment through science and art activities. Students in Mr. Littlefield’s art classes (6th – 8th grade, mixed) were given the opportunity to learn by performing their very own dogfish shark dissections, as well as by participating in educational “shark detectives” and shark endangerment games.

Watercolor painting and sculpting were incorporated to encourage naturalist art expression and a greater understanding for how shark physiology defines how each species has adapted to their environment. In the end, each student produced a beautiful watercolor piece depicting a chosen shark species. Each art piece was also a piece to a giant puzzle. When these pieces came together, a 13-foot long, three-foot tall juvenile whale shark was formed! Students, teachers and school visitors can view and learn about this large, dynamic display in the hallway by the art room at Thomas E. Edison Middle School.

We give special thanks to Young Audiences of Houston, Anetta Bauer, Lee Littlefield and the students at Thomas E. Edison Middle School for their support and contributions!