Artist Boat

Become a Volunteer Leader!

Artist Boat is currently recruiting passionate individuals to become a Sea Citizen Volunteer Leader and help with this restoration work. Becoming a Sea Citizen will allow you to get involved with coastal habitat restoration, learn new skills, and protect the unique and fragile Coastal Heritage Preserve. If you're interested in developing new skills and becoming a volunteer leader, please contact Kristen Simmons, Habitat and Stewardship Coordinator, at habitat@artistboat.orgor call (409) 770-0722.

Artist Boat was awarded funding from the CITGO Caring for our Coast program to establish a long-term volunteer program that will steward the fragile and diverse ecosystems of the Coastal Heritage Preserve on west Galveston Island. Through this yearlong grant, Artist Boat hopes to restore the 600+ acre Coastal Heritage Preserve to its natural state. Restoration tasks include removing invasive species, constructing an outdoor nursery for growing and transplanting native prairie grasses, repairing the fence line around the property, building picnic tables for our volunteers, and monitoring the site to ensure proper management of resident plants and animals at the Preserve.