Artist Boat

The Zones of the Ocean – A Woodson K-8 School Residency

Fall 2009

This five-day residency focused on interactively teaching about the five major zones of the ocean and the importance of ocean conservation. Students in Mr. Polidore’s 7th grade science classes were given the opportunity to learn by using all five senses to explore a mobile marsh environment (“marsh in a tub”), view and touch live animals from select ocean zones, and participate in educational “tide pool challenge” and “mud grab” games.

Watercolor painting and recycled-art techniques were also incorporated to encourage naturalist art expression and a greater understanding for the importance of pollution prevention and ocean conservation. In the end, each student’s two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces were incorporated into a large-scale 3D-arama of the Intertidal, Benthic, Neritic, Pelagic, and Abyssal zones.  Students, teachers and school visitors can view and learn more about this large, dynamic display in the 6th grade hallway of Woodson K-8 School.

We give special thanks to Young Audiences of Houston, Ricky Polidore and the students at Woodson K-8 School for their support and contributions!

Below: Students install 3D-Arama illustrating "Zones of the Ocean" for their whole school to enjoy and learn from and their teacher Mr. Polidore writes creates a sign captioning the artwork.