Artist Boat

Just a Drop

Fall, 2009

Lead by Eco-Art Educator Courtney Meiselman, and delivered to Alison Weaver’s sixth and eighth grade classes at Yes Prep (East End, Pasadena, TX), this residency explored the value of water through the art of photography.

Over a four-week period students were involved in a series of hands-on, art related activities designed to bolster understanding about the influence of pollution, local water systems, and the student’s individual relationship with water. Students created water-literacy journals and conveyed their own message of the importance of water through a collage made of their photographs and journal entries.

Their artwork is showcased within the school for their peers to view and learn from. We would like to thank Young Audiences of Houston for sponsoring this program, Foto Fest for the use of the “Just a Drop” curriculum and loan of digital cameras, and Amanda Rawlings for her assistance in coordinating the project.