Dillon Campbell

Eco-Art Educator

Dillon Campbell

Born and raised in the North Texas suburbs of Dallas, TX,  Dillon Campbell has developed a passion and love for nature. Dillon has always been intrigued with the ocean and the life that lives within our coastal ecosystems from reading books about the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico.

Dillon has a Bachelor’s in Marine Biology and Master’s Marine Resources Management from Texas A&M University at TAMUG. Throughout his coursework, Dillon focused on watershed ecology, ichthyology, oceanography, and anthropogenic impacts of coastal margins.

Dillon developed a deep passion for multidisciplinary learning through experiences such as tagging bull sharks in the shark and fisheries biology lab at TAMUG and investigating marine debris in Galveston Bay as a field technician/outreach specialist with BlackCat GIS and Biological Services.

In addition to the field work, Dillon gained experience teaching college freshmen students the wonders of the coastal ecosystems at TAMUG and also served as  a substitute teacher at Odyssey Academy in Texas City.

These experiences have led Dillon to pursue a long-term career with Artist Boat where his enthusiasm for art, science, and nature can shine. In his spare time, Dillon enjoys fishing, cooking, and creating beautiful works of art.