What To Expect

You will step into the water to get in your boat, so at the very least your feet will get wet. Depending on weather conditions and how much you splash, other parts of your body may get wet.

In most instances we paddle through shallow wetland areas that are only a few feet deep. Some of our locations include boat channels or bayous that are deeper. Tides and coastal flooding may have a slight impact on water depth.

Most of our adventures follow an approximately 3-mile route, though the exact distance travelled depends on the weather and group make up. Two and three hour adventures travel less distance, and the Cypress Swamp location is slightly longer than the typical 3 mile routes.

You will be using tandem kayaks in almost all cases. Due to the set up of our kayak fleets, you may not request a single kayak. In the event that an adventure has an odd number of total participants, the guide will determine who will use a single kayak based on age, experience, etc. If the total number of participants is an even number but your party is an odd number, you may be asked to partner with another participant in a tandem kayak.

All Artist Boat instructors are ACA certified kayak instructors. We provide all participants with a brief paddling demonstration prior to getting on the water, so no previous paddling experience is required. However, you must be in good enough physical condition to be on a kayak for the duration of the adventure and paddle for an hour or so at a time.

One of our instructors will train all participants in various watercolor painting techniques using professional art supplies. After a brief demonstration, all participants will then used the art supplies provided by Artist Boat on the back of each kayak to paint a watercolor image of their surroundings. This is a great way to observe the natural habitats around the Houston/Galveston area. You’re then able to keep your painting as a souvenir of your trip!

Our Kayak Adventures vary in length. The usual Eco-Art Kayak Adventure is 4 hours long. This typically includes two to three stops along the way to rest, observe our surroundings, paint a watercolor, and eat lunch. On occasion we have 3 hour evening Eco-Art adventures scheduled at the Coastal Heritage Preserve.  Our East End Lagoon adventures and some adventures at the Coastal Heritage Preserve are two hours long, and do not include art. To see times, locations, and durations of scheduled adventures please visit our calendar or the registration page. 

Depending on the location, you can expect to see beautiful natural and restored wetlands, bayous, freshwater lakes, riparian zones, and coastal upland prairie habitats. The wildlife typically seen on our adventures includes shorebirds such as herons, egrets, pelicans, terns, ibises, and roseatte spoonbills, fish, blue crabs, hermit crabs, snakes, periwinkles, rays, and even alligators!

There are typically porta-potties located at the launch for each of our adventure destinations. However, there is no access to bathrooms once we launch.

When attending a kayak adventure you should bring weather appropriate clothing, closed-toed shoes that you are willing to get wet, sunscreen, bug spray, plenty of water, snacks or lunch depending on the length of the tour. Please also bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. All of our kayaks have room in the front and back to store one or two small backpacks.

We meet on site for all adventures, meaning at the boat launch. An informative itinerary with the location of and directions to the site will be emailed to you upon registering. You’ll also receive a medical waiver, which must be completed and brought to your adventure.

How Do I?

If you have purchased an Island Pass for your stay in Galveston, you will input the confirmation code when you reach the payment section of the registration process. Island Pass is an option in the voucher drop-down menu. Please note that if every member of your party has their own Island Pass you will have to input the confirmation code from each pass and click submit in order for the discount to take effect. You may still have to use a credit card to pay for the registration fee.

You pay online with a credit card at the end of the registration process. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you have an Island Pass there will be a space to indicate that, though you will still have to pay the registration fee with a credit card.

Adventure Guidelines

Due to the potential remoteness of locations and need for stability on the kayaks, pets are NOT PERMITTED on adventures.

Eco-Art Kayak Adventures are guided group tours and fishing is NOT PERMITTED on the adventures.

Alcohol is NOT PERMITTED on any Eco-Art Kayak Adventures.

Children must be at least 7 years of age to participate in our 3 to 4-hour trips. Children 5-6 years of age may participate in our 2-hours trips. If your child is less than 50 pounds, you must provide a Coast Guard Certified Personal Flotation Device. If your child is 13 years or younger an adult from the same party is required in the kayak. Children 16 years or older may attend without an adult present as long as a parent or guardian signs the waiver and medical release.

Yes, you may bring your own kayaks, lifejackets, and paddles. Your lifejacket needs to be a type 3 jacket. If you bring your own equipment you can indicate this during the registration process. When you bring your own equipment you receive a discount on 3-4 hour adventures.

Our tandem kayaks have a weight limit of 450 pounds and our weight limit per person is 275 pounds.

No, registration closes at midnight the day before your scheduled adventure.

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