Maggie Sager

Eco-Art Educator

Maggie Sager

Maggie grew up in Austin, TX, spending all of her time swimming, kayaking, and hiking, as well as volunteering for local charities and church youth group. She spent a lot of time raising money and swimming long distance open water swims for charities in Austin. She quickly discovered her love for marine conservation and protection.

Maggie moved across the county to attend and graduate from the University of Tampa in 2022 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science. During this time, Maggie loved to be involved in many environmental organizations and leadership programs in the community such as creating a recycling club, working with the Environmental Protection Coalition, and being a member of the President Leadership Fellows. During an internship at Tampa Bay Watch as an environmental education intern, Maggie discovered that she loved sharing her passion for environmental protection through teaching and community involvement.

After graduating, Maggie spent time in Tampa coordinating a Marine Science camp, learning more about the Florida Gulf Coast and getting the opportunity to spread her passion for the environment with others.

Wanting to be closer to family in Texas and continue her work in environmental science, Maggie joined Artist Boat in May of 2023. Maggie is excited to be a part of the Artist Boat team, getting to spend time doing exactly what she loves!

Some of Maggie’s favorite pastimes include thrift shopping, taking care of and purchasing new plants, going to the beach and spending time with her dog!