The Wonders of Blue Carbon!

Learn about coastal wetlands and climate change!

Students of Galveston’s schools, 6th grade and up are invited to attend our Outdoor Blue Carbon Workshops free of charge. The workshop includes a 1-hour hands-on science presentation and a 1-hour water demonstration and painting. Spaces are limited to 8 participants per session. Join Artist Boat for an art and science workshop highlighting the importance of local wetland ecosystems and their role against climate change.

You can register your attendants below.

Please follow all of the steps below to assure you’re good to go!

Remember to sign the Waiver through the link in your confirmation email.

Step 1 : What to Expect


– Sturdy shoes such as boots or sneakers to walk out to the outdoor classroom
– Long pants and a light long-sleeve shirt are recommended
– Drinking water and snacks
– A hat, bug spray, sunscreen, and sunglasses
– Signed waiver
– Plastic bag for trash. We are not allowed to leave food debris in our trashcan. It is carry in – carry out.


– Cold or hot weather. Be prepared with clothes that will keep you warm or cool. Dressing in layers is often a good idea.
– Wild animals. There are fire ants and bees out at the Preserve. We’ve never had any issues with them, but be on the lookout and take appropriate precautions.
– Maintain physical distance (6 feet) from the Artist
Boat employee at all times.

Step 2 : Pick a Date & Time

Remember to sign the Waiver through the link in your confirmation email.