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Artist Boat is establishing a Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island and is looking for people who want to explore by kayak! Our grant to acquire the land at the new Coastal Heritage Preserve provides financial resources to launch three years of educational programming from this special place. Public trips are available for $10 per person. For a schedule of public trips and to register for a public trip, visit our Coastal Heritage Preserve page.

School groups are also welcome. The Eco-Art Workshop and Eco-Art Adventure costs $300 altogether for up to 25 students. Space is limited to only one kayak adventure per day at the Coastal Heritage Preserve. Please plan on booking this well in advance to ensure you get the dates you want for the two-hour Eco-Art Workshop in your classroom and the four-hour Eco-Art Kayak Adventure at the Coastal Heritage Preserve. School groups can book by contacting Amanda Rinehart at arinehart@artistboat.org or (409)770-0722.

To learn more, visit our Coastal Heritage Preserve page.

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