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Petrochemical Industry Workers Wanted to Explore by Kayak!!!

Artist Boat is offering Watershed Education Training (WET). This program includes fun, hands-on activities to promote team building across the company and engage employees that may not typically work together on a day-to-day basis in dialogue about the natural resources of the estuary via kayak.
View our Petrochemical Industry Watershed Education Training Brochure online now!

The second grant offers Stewardship Training in the Coastal Zone for Petrochemical Industry workers. This program includes a training workshop, a training experience at the NRG Energy EcoCenter nursery, and a marsh restoration adventure.
View our Petrochemical Industry Habitat and Stewardship Training Brochure online now!

This project is funded by Houston Advanced Research Center and the Texas Gernal Land Office through a grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Coastal Impact Assistance Program.

Teachers, Students and Individuals Wanted to Explore by Kayak!!!

Kayak fees drastically reduced at the new Coastal Heritage Preserve!!

Introducing the new Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island

Artist Boat is establishing a Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island and is looking for people who want to explore by kayak! Our grant to acquire the land at the new Coastal Heritage Preserve provides financial resources to launch three years of educational programming from this special place. Public trips are available for $10 per person. For a schedule of public trips and to register for a public trip, visit our Coastal Heritage Preserve page.

School groups are also welcome. Any teacher that schedules an Eco-Art Workshop for $150 will be able to have an Eco-Art Kayak Adventure to the Coastal Heritage Preserve for $150. Space is limited to only one kayak adventure per day at the Coastal Heritage Preserve. Please plan on booking this well in advance to ensure you get the dates you want for the two-hour Eco-Art Workshop in your classroom and the four-hour Eco-Art Kayak Adventure. School groups can book by contacting LuAnne Ashley at lashley@artistboat.org or (409)770-0722.

To learn more, visit our Coastal Heritage Preserve page.

Job Openings for Eco-Art Educators

Artist Boat is looking for educators to help us with our adventure programs! Click below to see the job description and for more information on how to apply. JOB DESCRIPTION

Water IQ Wet Blog

Artist Boat received a new Coastal Management Program grant allowing us to serve middle and high school students in coastal areas. We have created a Water IQ Wet Blog an Online Resource for GISD and CCISD Schools to Share Their Research and Experience. Check it out!

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